Broaden your media horizons globally to benefit locally, in a matter of days


Colleagues from at least 30 countries around the world will be at the FIPP World Media Congress in Las Vegas from 12-14 November 2019. Imagine the insights (and even business!) you can come away with from different parts of the world if you attend and

engage and share experiences with your international counterparts?


Our final special offer to join us at the 42nd FIPP World Media Congress in Vegas ends soon.


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Make the most of your time in Vegas by joining us for the speaker program, networking with colleagues and friends from around the world and meeting with publisher and other service provider exhibitors in our Media City Theatre.


Don’t leave it too late


Colleagues who have already registered for the Congress are from countries such as:

  • A: Argentina, Australia,
  • B: Belgium, Brazil,
  • C: Canada, China, Chinese Taipei
  • D: Denmark,
  • E: Estonia,
  • F: Finland, France,
  • G: Germany,
  • J: Japan,
  • I: India, Indonesia, Italy,
  • K: Kenya,
  • N: Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway,
  • R: Russia,
  • S: Serbia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland,
  • T: Thailand, Turkey,
  • U: UAE, UK, USA


Where else can you go to meet colleagues from these many countries in such a short space of time?


It must be the Congress


And if your country isn’t listed above yet, be a good citizen and put them on the Congress map ;).


Sign up now before our final special offer ends


For more on the Congress, visit or get in touch with Claire Jones ( or Natalie Butcher ( any time.


We hope to see you in Vegas!